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The Story Of En Gedi

Hey everyone, my name is Andrew Augustine; I'm the founder of The En Gedi Initiative and if you're reading this, I know it is not by mistake. God brought you here. Why? I have no clue, but He did. I want to write a little bit about what The En Gedi Initiative is, why I started it 3 years ago, and why the Initiative is so important to me now more than ever.

The En Gedi Initiative is something very near and dear to my heart, a passion project.

So please keep reading.

Our Beginnings

The En Gedi Initiative was born one fall night while driving home. I was drained physically and emotionally. I had been running for about a week straight. Missing time to meet with Jesus daily, considering my Sunday church service enough... 

On this drive home, my phone was dead, so I turned on the radio. It was tuned to the Christian radio station, a song came on, and I just broke down in worship. I can't tell you what the song was, but I know my soul longed for time with my Savior. 

At that moment, I knew that it wasn't just something I needed or struggled with but something that every person in the world battles against. 


Hurry and spiritual exhaustion. 


So that is the reason The En Gedi Initiative exists. To bring people to a place where they can rest in the presence of God, find rejuvenation through the Holy Spirit, and then respond to what God is telling them.


That's our mission. 


I know from experience that this life is draining. We here in America like to run and run and get busier and busier until our tires fall off, which is not what God intended for us. God intended for us to walk alongside Him and let Him bear our load. 

I want our worship nights to be a place where we can find rest, rejuvenation, and a renewed relationship with God.

I want everyone who attends a worship night to walk out with Jesus' easy yolk. (Matthew 11:28-30)

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Our Vision

Our vision is to bring worship nights to your church and to provide a space where your church family and anyone in the community can come and meet with Jesus both corporately as the Church and as individuals.

Where they can leave behind their schedules and hurried lives and come in spiritually exhausted and leave renewed, rejuvenated, and rested.

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